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I have used these products before and have had great success, in recovery and body build. Used properly they are safe and extremely beneficial.

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I have tried every product imaginable... Tried Test 600x with Winn 50 and I have never experienced anything like it. I'm 34 and feel like I'm 20 again!

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I am as an IFBB Pro Athlete and Personal Trainer and I love your products:)

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totally excited to see what this is all about! yall were a bunch of help pointing me in the right direction so I hope it works for me! I plan to order more for some other people as well :)

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Great Product used my last deployment. went over 300 pounds on bench press with many other impressive gains. Hope to have the same results this deployment

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Love this website, love its products. No more waiting for Zupplements inventory when has it all, and in stock.

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your customer service was helpfull

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Side-Effects of Tren

Side-Effects of Tren

You’ve heard it said before; the side-effects of Tren can be severe but the truth is this is often highly overstated. It is true the side-effects of Tren are very real and they can at times be a little harsher than some anabolic steroids but this doesn’t make Trenbolone something we need to necessarily fear. Absolutely, you should have a healthy respect for this steroid as it is immensely powerful but through responsible use most healthy adult men who supplement will be absolutely fine. Of course there’s always the issue of individual sensitivity and because of this factor some men will fall prey to the side-effects of Tren even when responsible use is implored. This is not something that’s unique to Trenbolone, all steroids carry this as do all foods; some people are allergic to milk while others can drink a gallon a day if they so desire. Even so, the level of intolerable effects due to Trenbolone use does appear to be somewhat higher than many other anabolic steroids and while that is unfortunate it is simply reality.

As we examine the side-effects of Tren we will find some of them to be a little more severe than others; some will be very rare and some will be extremely genetically based. In many ways we can breakdown the side-effects of Tren into two generalized categories based on severity and on the level of commonality they carry among users. Of course there is one side-effect that will occur in all who supplement and that is testosterone suppression. We’re not going to go into detail about testosterone suppression here; basically Tren will dramatically suppress your natural production and you should strongly consider exogenous testosterone use to combat this while Tren is being used.

Severe Side-Effects of Tren:

On their surface these side-effects of Tren may not sound all that severe but we assure you they can go beyond what most can imagine. It is this grouping of side-effects that makes Trenbolone impossible to use for many men and while they are serious there is no way to predict if you will fall prey. Of course responsible dosing will play into your favor; some men will be fine with a low to moderate dose and not experience these effects until the dose gets too high. Then there are those who when they basically look at a bottle of Trenbolone seem to fall prey to each negative aspect. The severe side-effects of Tren include:

  • Insomnia
  • Night Sweats
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Anxiety

Many will read that little list and think “no big deal” and that’s fine. Now think of those effects in the worst possible manner that they could exist and then try multiplying and enhancing it beyond a level you’ve ever thought of before; the side-effects of Tren can get that bad. Again, most healthy adult men who supplement responsibly will be fine but there will be a notable portion of the performance community that simply cannot tolerate this anabolic steroid.

It should also be noted that decreased libido and erectile dysfunction can be very severe and serious with this steroid but this is not listed in the severe listing for one reason. Those who fall prey to this do so because they failed to provide their body enough testosterone when supplementing with Tren. Those who find themselves in this situation do not do so because they’re “extra sensitive” they do so because they weren’t smart and didn’t take necessary precautions.

General & Moderate Side-Effects of Tren:

There is another grouping of adverse Trenbolone effects that are a little less severe in general, a bit less common but still worthy of note. Of course individual sensitivity and total dosing always play a role but for most men the brunt of these side-effects of Tren is not something they’ll need to worry too much about. These side-effects include:

  • Gynecomastia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Acne
  • Hair-Loss

Very few men will have a Gynecomastia flair up due to Trenbolone as it is not an aromatizing steroid; however, it is a progestin in nature and as such men who are very sensitive may find they have a problem. If this happens to be you supplementing with the same aromatase inhibitors you use to combat this problem with aromatizing steroids will suffice.

Then of course there’s blood pressure and of the side-effects of Tren in this section of discussion this one is the most serious and most common of the bunch. The Trenbolone hormone can dramatically increase your blood pressure; again, dosing will play a role as will individual sensitivity. Men who already suffer from high blood pressure should not touch this steroid and for the men who do supplement you will need to keep a close eye on it during use in order to remain safe. Those who are healthy to begin with and live a lifestyle that promotes a healthy blood pressure will in most cases be completely fine.

Then there’s acne and hair-loss. If you are sensitive and prone to acne you may find you breakout with this steroid; those who are not sensitive will normally not have a problem. However, if you are sensitive yet keep your skin extra clean and ensure your product is pure and uncontaminated you will greatly improve your odds. In many ways hair-loss is similar; those who are predisposed are the only ones who will have a problem. If you do happen to lose any hair due to Trenbolone use you were going to lose it any way; it is that simple.