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Buy Illegal Steroids

If you live in the United States and you're going to supplement with anabolic steroids, the odds are strong you're going to buy illegal steroids; in-fact, it's more than likely the only way you're going to obtain what you desire. In the U.S., anabolic androgenic steroids are Schedule III controlled substances, and in-order to purchase them legally you must have a prescription. In-order to obtain a prescription, you must possess a need deemed worthy by a physician, and performance enhancement is not considered such a need. For this reason, performance enhancers will normally buy illegal steroids to meet this purpose, and with more than six-million American adults supplementing for this sole purpose, it creates quite a substantial market. Of course, it should go without saying this can create a significant level of concern in your own life if you are making such a purchase; after all, it's an illegal one. Further, it leads to an important question; if you buy illegal steroids are there any differences in them and anabolic steroids you'd by legally if you had a prescription based on legal, medical need? Let's answer these questions, and provide some other information you need to know.


 If you buy illegal steroids, this creates a risk that can by quite worrisome, for if you make such a purchase and are caught the consequences can be horrific. Many inappropriately assume law enforcement is only concerned with steroid suppliers, and in an overall sense, this is very true, but it's not the end-all-be-all. Law enforcement officials would much rather bust a supplier than an individual who is merely possessing anabolic steroids for personal use; after all, busting suppliers means fewer people are able to supplement. While this is obviously true, what many often fail to realize is that in-order to obtain a supplier, in many cases, law enforcement officials must first go through his customers in-order to reach him, and they will mow over such individuals in mass amounts if it will lead them to the prize.

If you buy illegal steroids in the U.S. and happen to find yourself caught in the wrath of law enforcement, mere possession even in personal use amounts can lead to fines and even jail time; you better believe it; this can occur even for a first time offence. Sure, there will be those who won't actually go to jail if they are caught for the first time, but the risk of such a sentence is far greater than many realize, and what's even more common is the individual being made an example of; it happens constantly. Further, it's very easy for your personal amounts to be turned around on you in the sense of distribution; by way of the law, selling one little bottle of testosterone to a friend or even a few tabs of Dianabol makes you a dealer. Sound ridiculous; well, it may indeed sound ridiculous, but it occurs quite regularly, and if you end up in this position you're dead where you stand.

The Difference

When we buy illegal steroids or anabolic steroids directly from the legal prescription we have in hand, in most cases, there is no difference. Every last anabolic steroid that can legally be obtained is just as easily obtained on the black market; every form and every brand. Now this doesn't mean there are not some differences; there are some anabolic steroids that are not prescribed in the U.S. but are available with a prescription in other countries, and they can be just as easily purchased. Further, there are some anabolic steroids that are not produced by any licensed pharmacy but are produced by most underground labs, and this leads us to the most important factor of all.

There are numerous anabolic steroid suppliers in existence, and due to this fact the ability to buy illegal steroids is more than easy; however, not all suppliers are equal. In this market, the majority of the suppliers deal in anabolic steroids manufactured by underground labs (UGL's), and while there are some high quality UGL's on the market, they are strongly outnumbered by those of an extreme distasteful nature. For this reason, if you're going to buy illegal steroids, and if you're making a purchase from a UGL it will be illegal, you need to do some hard digging on the supplier to ensure he's selling you exactly what you desire. UGL's is where many find their purchase to be far below their intended desire; counterfeits, under-dosed and even steroids full of contaminants are not all that uncommon. Fortunately, this market does a remarkably good job at regulating itself and the subpar suppliers always fall to the wayside while the good ones rise to the top; however, before the subpar ones fall they always take advantage of a few unsuspecting victims before they crash and burn. Even so, there's no reason on earth you should ever fall victim to such an occurrence; the ability to obtain high quality anabolic steroids is abundantly available, but it will take some patience and research on your part if you desire to find them, and further, are will to take the risk.

A Worthwhile Risk?

When you ask most performance enhancing athletes if the risk is worthwhile, most will answer with a resounding "Yes" and in their hearts, they believe this to be true; however, that doesn't make it true. So many so strongly desire the end results of performance enhancement it becomes easy to talk themselves into this risk, but if the wrath of the law comes crashing down around them their opinions seem to change overnight. By the idea of personal liberty, most will buy illegal steroids because they truly believe they have such a right by the same idea; personal liberty, and under liberty alone, they are correct in their thinking, and without question justified. There are no two ways about it, the anabolic steroid laws of the United States are a direct infringement on liberty; in-fact, there are very few laws if any that trample on liberty to such a strong degree. Even so, while the law is beyond unjust it is the law, and if you buy illegal steroids we cannot overstress how horrific this legal outcome can be. If those who are of a pro-performance mindset would spend the same energy on changing the steroid laws of the U.S., promoting education and quite simply the truth in-regards to these hormones as they do in their performance pursuits we would be in a far more comfortable state. If this would occur, the risk that exists would fade away, and you would be able to supplement by the idea of liberty without concern for an unjust law. Even so, that is not where we are today, and if you supplement, if you buy illegal steroids this risk may truly bit you dead on your ass.