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Deca 300

Deca 300 is a tremendously powerful anabolic steroid of immense popularity, and while other steroids have gained and lost popularity, Deca 300 has remained a stable constant. For many performance enhancers, Deca 300 is synonymous with mass, as off-season bulking cycles are its most common point of use. There are no two ways about it; this is a fantastic bulking steroid, but what makes it even more special is its extremely high level of toleration. Healthy adult men who understand how to supplement with Deca 300 will almost never have a problem; sure, individual response will dictate quite a bit, but if problems arise it's almost always due to a lack of understanding.

The Basics

 Deca 300 is a steroidal compound comprised of the anabolic steroid Nandrolone and attached to the massive Decanoate ester. An extremely popular steroid, and while there are numerous Nandrolone compounds most are familiar with Deca-Durabolin; Deca 300 is merely a 300mg per milliliter dosing of this popular Nandrolone-Decanoate compound. In any case, this is a hormone we are very familiar with as the human body naturally produces Nandrolone; however, unlike testosterone it doesn't produce a whole lot. Even so, it is enough to provide an accustomed nature, and it is through this accustomed nature many find it so tolerable.

A progestin based steroid of the 19-nor family, Deca 300 carries many significant traits, but where it truly shines is in its ability to promote nitrogen retention and increase hemoglobin. By this nature, supplementation will provide tremendous anabolic activity, and that means we're going to grow some muscle. Of course, and we'll go over this a little more later on the gains are going to be slow due to the massive ester, but through steady use gains will begin to mount. If that's not enough, Deca 300 will also play a remarkable role surrounding recovery by tremendously speeding the total process up. Further, it will significantly improve your metabolic rate, and all of this together simply means exactly what we want it to mean; enhanced performance.


Deca 300 carries an active half-life of approximately fifteen days, and if you know anything about anabolic steroids then you know that is one massive half-life. This is due to the Decanoate ester being so large, and through this relationship while it slows down the steroids activity it also means we don't have to administer it too often. In most cases, in-order to keep the total dosing per injection down and ensure levels are peaked at all time, most performance enhancers will administer the compound two times per week in two equal doses. While this is effective, in many cases a single injection every seven days will more than suffice; in either case, you can decide what works best for you.

In any case, regardless of how often you administer Deca 300 you are not going to notice any progress overnight; in-fact, it's going to take at least four to six weeks. For this reason, most will want to supplement for at least eight weeks with ten to twelve being far more effective. Further, while this may not sound like very long you need to once again remember the ester attached; this is going to mean something. Even after you discontinue the use of Deca 300, you're still going to have quite a bit left in your system for quite a long time; for example, after one 300mg injection you still have 150mg fifteen days later, and 75mg another fifteen days later.

Successful Supplementation

A single dosing of Deca 300 is enough to suppress all of your natural testosterone production; in-fact, 100mg of Nandrolone-Decanoate alone is enough to lead to this suppression. For this reason, it is important you supplement with some form of exogenous testosterone in-order to stave off a low testosterone condition; such a condition is not only bothersome, but extremely unhealthy. While testosterone supplementation will prevent this end, it will also enhance your Deca 300 use as the two conjoined will work hand-in-hand and provide you the best off-season gains of your life.

Of course, then we have the side-effects of Deca 300, and while we've prevented those of a low testosterone nature there are others we must concern ourselves with. Due to its progestin and slight aromatizing nature, Deca 300 can cause Gynecomastia and water retention, and it can even have an adverse effect on blood pressure and cholesterol. For this reason, any time you supplement with Deca 300 or any Nandrolone compound you should supplement with an Aromatase Inhibitor such as Arimidex of Letrozole. Further, before supplementation begins you must ensure your blood pressure and cholesterol are healthy enough for use, and if they are, you must consume a diet that promotes the continuation of such levels. If you can do these things, if you supplement with reasonable doses and follow sound judgment there's hardly a healthy adult man alive who will ever have a problem; all he'll have is new muscle tissue.