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We sell only the highest quality muscle building anabolic dietary supplements.
These anabolic dietary supplements have not been approved for sale or use by the FDA.

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Tren 75®

Tren 75Learn more about Tren 75 - WATCH THE VIDEO

Tren 75 is in a class by itself, and is arguably the most POTENT product we ever developed.  This HIGHLY ABSORBABLE, maximum strength oral compound is a serious MUSCLE GAINER with a high androgen receptor affinity making it a marvelously adept FAT BURNER as well!  By boasting two remarkable primary anabolic properties, Tren 75 whether stacked or taken alone helps provide you with DRY, LEAN, HARDENED MUSCLE of the highest quality!

A perennial favorite among both athletes and bodybuilders alike, Tren 75 packs MORE muscle and strength POTENTIAL than many other compounds because it’s also engineered to:

  • Increase appetite and growth by optimizing nutrient absorption
  • Generate near instant anabolic results
  • Incinerate both visceral and subcutaneous body fat
  • Improve nitrogen retention in muscular tissue
  • Eliminate muscle blurring bloat via zero estrogenic activity
  • Produce dry, dense quality muscle, while hardening and cutting

Be ideal for both definition cutting and mass bulking cycles.